Community Nights to Kick Off on March 11

ANZ Heroes are proud to announce that we have teamed up with NZedamine, Onyx and CancoZ to create regular gaming nights aimed at bringing together players of all skill levels. Join us every Friday at any time between 6pm – 12am AEDT for some random Heroes of the Storm shenanigans with fellow members of the Australian/New Zealand community.

Each community night will offer a different set of rules in order to keep things fresh. The rule set for this Friday is a mini Royal Rumble style event, where players sign up individually and are then placed into fairly balanced teams.

To sign up for this event, you simply need to click here to complete a sign up form. Everyone is encouraged to participate, regardless of your skill level! Even those who cannot be online at the start of the event can still sign up, just please keep in mind that there may be a wait for you to find a team.

Those wishing to participate are also asked to jump into the ANZ Discord Server in order to help the admins run things smoothly. Team lists will be posted to our website in order to help everyone find each other.

There are currently no plans for an official stream of these events at this stage. However, if you are going to stream your games, please let us know on Twitter or Facebook so we can help promote it.





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