Coming Soon: New Heroes, Skins and Mounts

In a new blog post that went up earlier this morning, Blizzard offered us a sneak peek of what the development team has been working on lately.

While they did not announce when we can expect to see Lt. Morales, the combat Medic; or Artanis, Heirarch of the Daelaam, arrive in the Nexus, they did share a video that shows us what to look forward to when they do get added.

Here is a list of what we see in the video:

  • Lt. Morales
    • Master Lt. Morales
    • Apothecary Morales
  • Artanis
    • Master Artanis
    • Purifier Artanis
  • Marshal Raynor and Themed Abilities
  • Buccaneer Falstad and Themed Abilities
  • Marshal’s Outrider Mount
  • Void Speeder Mount
  • Nexus Battle Beast Mount
  • Headless Horseman’s Charger Mount
  • Vulture Mount

You can check out the official blog post on the Heroes of the Storm website by clicking here.

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