Cho’gall Spotlight + Heroes Patch Notes November 18, 2015

A new patch hit the Nexus earlier in the week, so to save you from wading through the notes, Disconcur has put together a quick list of the top things to look out for.

New Hero – Cho’gall

The New Hero Cho’gall is going to cause an upheaval in the scene. All the rules have been thrown out the door for this one! In the Hero Spotlight video below, Kevin “Cloaken” Johnson introduces us to this Two-Head Ogre.

If you are not aware Cho’gall is a single hero that is controlled by two players, which makes him the most interesting and unique character to date! He… I mean they are now available for play.

User Interface Change

The biggest change coming to the UI is the In-game score screen change. the Takedown columm is being split into Kills and Assists. Last hitting enemy Heroes will score you a point in the Kill coloumm while Assits work the same as they did for Takedowns. THis was an debated changed int he comminty and only time will tell if it is recieved well or not.

Scaling + Respawn timers

This is a big change to heroes and it is a lot of numbers to take in. The simple point to know is that Heroes no longer gain a flat value to their stats when they level, it is a multiplied by percentage. Heroes are starting off with generally higher stats as well (These stats they would of gained normally during a course of a game).

Early playing shows that heroes appear to start stronger and feel more like their role (Eg. Tanks have lots of health, Assassins do lots of damage). The coinciding change along with this is the increased death timers at lower levels. Dying at lower levels means you are out of the game for longer, which gives your opponents more time to push lanes, capture mercenary camps and soak experience without your presence on the field.

New Battleground – Towers of Doom

While in the notes, the new Towers of Doom map has not yet made it into the Nexus. However, it is playable on the PTR. The map is expected to be released some time after 24 November.

That’s all for now. There is heaps more to this patch that we have not touched on, such as the hero changes, so I definitely suggest checking out the official patch notes over on the Heroes of the Storm website.

Have you tried out Cho’gall yet? What are your thoughts on him? Share your opinion with us in the comments below

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