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Year in Review: Taiwan

This is the forth and final installment of our Year in Review series that takes a look at how competitive Heroes of the Storm in each region has fared in 2017. Catch up on Latin America here, Southeast Asia here and Australia and New Zealand here.

Taiwan is known as one of the few minor regions to have truly struck fear into the hearts of major region teams. In 2016, Please Buff Arthas became known as the gatekeepers in North America when they defeated Gale Force Esports at Dreamhack Summer, as well as Astral Authority at BlizzCon.

Although these results may seem strange to some, PBA stated in the past that their ability to practice with Korean teams and not suffer a ping disadvantage has helped give them the edge over North America.

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Year in Review: Australia & New Zealand

This post is part three of our four part series that takes a look at how competitive Heroes of the Storm in each region has fared in 2017. Part one on Latin America can be found here and part two on Southeast Asia can be found here.

2017 is a year that will be remembered fondly by many ANZ Heroes of the Storm fans. As a previously unknown region, Nomia made history for ANZ during the first Western Clash. In a series that shocked all, the former kings found themselves in position to take a series off Europe’s top team at the time. After winning the first game against Misfits (now Team Liquid) and nearly taking the second, casters and fans alike stood in awe, finally seeing the potential lying dormant in this region for so long. After then taking a map off Team 8, fans now had very high expectations of the team for the upcoming Mid-Season Brawl. Although Nomia continued to impress at the brawl, making it to the play-offs, they ultimately fell to L5 in the losers bracket.

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Year in Review: Southeast Asia

This post is part two of our four part series that takes a look at how competitive Heroes of the Storm in each region has fared in 2017. Part one on Latin America can be found here.

Following the conclusion of Phase One, Blizzard announced changes to region locks for professional players. This allowed players from minor regions to move without restriction and paved the way for two of the biggest shifts in Southeast Asia to occur. Prior to BlizzCon 2017, the Singaporeans from Deadly Kittens, Mirr and Zeys left to join Soul Torturers in Taiwan. Losing these two core members, Deadly Kittens found their replacements in Jinwoo and Confidence, allowing them to secure victory in their regional BlizzCon qualifiers.

This new team was short lived, and upon the conclusion of BlizzCon 2017, Deadly Kittens revealed they would be disbanding. This announcement was made as we learnt the remaining core team of Stronger, Enavir and nsj from the Philippines had been picked up by Psistorm Gaming and, in 2018, would be playing in the North American Open Division. With the SEA player-base already struggling, this has shaken the faith of many regarding the scene’s competitive viability going into the future.

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Year in Review: Latin America

This post is the first of a four part series that takes a look at how competitive Heroes of the Storm in each region has fared in 2017.

Historically, minor regions have always struggled in competitive Heroes of the Storm. From a smaller player base to server issues; these players continue to persevere in the face of adversity. The introduction of the HGC this year has allowed major regions like North America to flourish with weekly league play and a set salary. In spite of its many successes, one complaint rings true globally: the culling of LAN events has hurt many teams.

In no region is this more apparent than in Latin America.

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ANZ HGC Season 3 qualification run

Even before the season 2 Mid-season Brawl has finished, this Tuesday 30th of May the ANZ Region will be starting it Seasons 3 qualification series. There will be two ways to qualifier for the championship this season: Gamestah Open League, starting on 30 May and set to run for four weeks. ANZ Heroes Last Chance Qualifier: 24 June. […]

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Weekly Wrap Up: …Before The Storm

The biggest week in Heroes is finally here! Heroes 2.0 has finally been released to the public and I couldn’t be more excited. So let’s dive in and take a look at all the news this week. ►Heroes of the Storm 2.0 went live this Wednesday along with all the exciting updates and changes which […]

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Weekly Wrap Up: It’s Almost Here

We had a bit of a lull last week with news but with Heroes 2.0 right around the corner The Nexus has been buzzing with news this week so let’s jump in and take a look. ►The Last chance qualifier for HGC ANZ Season 2 is on today!(22nd April), Tune into at 12pm AEST […]

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Weekly Wrap Up: Storms Rumble The Nexus

Some exciting news is coming to Nexus! With the announcement of Heroes 2.0 we’re looking at some pretty major changes to the game. Let’s delve into this week’s Wrap Up and check out the details. ►March 28th saw another Balance update affecting a few heroes. You can view all the details here. ►March 29th Blizzard […]

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Weekly Wrap Up: It’s Always Calmest…

HGC Season 2 Qualifiers kicked off earlier this week seeing Normia as supreme champions of the first week with 5 straight wins. The qualifiers will go on for another 4 weeks with teams best 4 out 5 scores used as placements. You can click here to check out the team rankings so far. ►Missed out […]

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Weekly Wrap Up: Storms Brewing

In the wake of Normia’s amazing feats at the Western Clash, The HGC is back and looking for more ANZ talent. Gamestah announced last night that Season Two is kicking off soon and that they will be the hosting one of the pathways to the season two championships. You can read the full announcement here. […]

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