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Where to look for Australian and New Zealand Party Members

Where To Look for Australian + New Zealand Party Members

A very common question we see asked by members of the community is where they can find other Australian and New Zealand players to group up with. There are few different ways to find players in our region, and so we have put together this handy guide for you to reference the next time you’re looking […]

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[VIDEO] ANZ League – Weekly Recap #1… Almost

Event organiser and content creator, HappyRage, has put together a video highlighting each match that was played during the first round of the ANZ Weekly League. Well, almost. Thanks to the latest patch that was deployed earlier this week, he was only able to cover highlights from the matches between Team Space Sharks and Kyanite […]

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[VIDEO] Lt. Morales TLDR + Talent Suggestions

Aussie content creator, Amayze, has taken the time to bring us a great introduction video on the new Heroes Of the Storm support character, Lt. Morales! To use his own words, the following YouTube video is a “Quick start tutorial designed for anyone wanting a quick guide before jumping into a game.” Be sure to head over […]

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Heroes Untapped Episode 9 is now available at

Watch Heroes Untapped Episode 9

Episode 9 of Heroes Untapped is now available. Join Disconcur, BlueAura, Sunset and Chookz as they discuss the ANZ Royal Rumble, the September x5 Monthly Brawl, North American Championships, what Heroes of the Storm can learn from other MOBA’s, and much more. To see what other formats this podcast is available in, visit Disconcur’s website.

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Five Minutes To Rank One with Zerocity

Community member, Zerocity — AKA. PentaUnleash — has put together a guide on how to reach Rank One in Hero League. He has even included a handy timing sheet for those who want to have it on hand to reference. Be sure to head over to his channel and hit the subscribe button!

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