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Getting to know Chromie

The latest hero to join the Heroes of the Storm’s line up is Chromie or Chronormu from the Warcraft universe. Although she may look cute, she’s imbued with the power of the Bronze Dragonflight making her a true force to be reckoned with. Chromie takes the role of a burst assassin with one of the […]

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Li-Ming and the demand for nerfs | Heroes of the Storm Australia New Zealand

Li-Ming and the Demand for Nerfs

This is largely an opinion piece, do not take this as fact. I would like to encourage discussion about this issue, and any other issues regarding this article, other articles, or anything else going on in the community. -Onyx Nerfing heroes is sometimes required, because those heroes can be completely out of control and the […]

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The Value of Low Impact Heroes

“This is a guest post written by Onyx” The Heroes of the Storm is a game dominated by a stun burst meta. Heroes like E.T.C, Li-Ming, and Xul support that meta, making it less difficult to trap and kill one or more people swiftly. Honestly, not following the standard stun burst team composition can easily […]

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[VIDEO] Cursed Hollow Guide

Aussie YouTuber, Penta, has released another great guide, this time focusing on Cursed Hollow. In the six minute snippet, Penta covers basic and advanced tips that may help you improve your play. This video follows the success of his Dragon Knight + Garden of Terror Guide, which has been watched more than 9,000 times since its release earlier […]

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[VIDEO] Dragon Knight + Garden of Terror Guide

Aussie Youtuber, Penta (Previously known around here as Zerocity), released new video earlier in the week that goes through some Hero League strategies for the Dragon Knight and Garden of Terror. The guide has been receiving a lot of positive attention, so if you’re a fan of Hero League and are looking to improve your game, […]

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Where to look for Australian and New Zealand Party Members

Where To Look for Australian + New Zealand Party Members

A very common question we see asked by members of the community is where they can find other Australian and New Zealand players to group up with. There are few different ways to find players in our region, and so we have put together this handy guide for you to reference the next time you’re looking […]

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[VIDEO] Lt. Morales TLDR + Talent Suggestions

Aussie content creator, Amayze, has taken the time to bring us a great introduction video on the new Heroes Of the Storm support character, Lt. Morales! To use his own words, the following YouTube video is a “Quick start tutorial designed for anyone wanting a quick guide before jumping into a game.” Be sure to head over […]

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Five Minutes To Rank One with Zerocity

Community member, Zerocity — AKA. PentaUnleash — has put together a guide on how to reach Rank One in Hero League. He has even included a handy timing sheet for those who want to have it on hand to reference. Be sure to head over to his channel and hit the subscribe button!

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