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Weekly Wrap Up: A Slight Drizzle

It’s short, sweet but to the point, here’s this week’s Weekly Wrap Up. ►ATTENTION!: Sign ups are now open for the HGC Heroes Season 2 Championship Qualifiers. Top 2 places will be seeded into the HGC Championship. Every team going to the championship is guaranteed a minimum $2000 in prize money. Go to the ESL page […]

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Does Armor Go Against Blizzard’s Design Philosophy?

This collection of thoughts on armour has been sent in to us by ex Negative Syngery player, Laharal. Armor is a new stat that was added to Heroes of the Storm as part of last week’s Zul’jin patch. I like the idea of Armor and Magic Armor being implemented into the game more as long as it’s […]

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The Climb to Grand Master

The new ranked season has only been out for a few days now and already one member of the Australian and New Zealand Community has managed to shoot for the stars and make it to the rank of Grand Master 20. Howard “Nuyomi” Li was kind enough to answer a few questions about this spectacular achievement […]

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KidKerrigan Community Spotllight | Heroes of the Storm Australia New Zealand

Community Spotlight – KidKerrigan

In this series we shine the light on prominent members of our community. ANZHeroes writer Polter caught up with KidKerrigan to find out what it is about Heroes that keeps her coming back. Kerri is a streamer on Twitch who predominately streams Heroes with her own live audience regularly alongside being a well-recognised name in the […]

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Getting to know Chromie

The latest hero to join the Heroes of the Storm’s line up is Chromie or Chronormu from the Warcraft universe. Although she may look cute, she’s imbued with the power of the Bronze Dragonflight making her a true force to be reckoned with. Chromie takes the role of a burst assassin with one of the […]

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Heroes of the Storm tournament Australia New Zealand

First Aspirants Cup Tournament Scheduled For 28 May

Grass-roots tournaments are set to return to our region when the first Aspirants Cup gets under way on 28 May. Sign ups for the single day, double elimination tournament are now open, with players of all skill levels encouraged to grab a few mates and join up for a taste of competitive play. Event organiser, Disconcur, […]

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Li-Ming and the demand for nerfs | Heroes of the Storm Australia New Zealand

Li-Ming and the Demand for Nerfs

This is largely an opinion piece, do not take this as fact. I would like to encourage discussion about this issue, and any other issues regarding this article, other articles, or anything else going on in the community. -Onyx Nerfing heroes is sometimes required, because those heroes can be completely out of control and the […]

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The Value of Low Impact Heroes

“This is a guest post written by Onyx” The Heroes of the Storm is a game dominated by a stun burst meta. Heroes like E.T.C, Li-Ming, and Xul support that meta, making it less difficult to trap and kill one or more people swiftly. Honestly, not following the standard stun burst team composition can easily […]

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BlizzCon Open Thread: What Would You Like To See Announced?

In just over 12 hours time, the BlizzCon Opening Ceremony will get under way and we can expect to hear some exciting announcements about all of our favourite Blizzard franchises, and Heroes of the Storm is no exception. We know for sure that at least four new heroes and two new maps will be revealed, but will there be […]

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[VIDEO] Cursed Hollow Guide

Aussie YouTuber, Penta, has released another great guide, this time focusing on Cursed Hollow. In the six minute snippet, Penta covers basic and advanced tips that may help you improve your play. This video follows the success of his Dragon Knight + Garden of Terror Guide, which has been watched more than 9,000 times since its release earlier […]

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