Calm Before the Storm

Welcome to the first ANZ Heroes Weekly Wrap-up for 2017. We hope you’ve all had a relaxing holiday break, because competition is about to get fierce in Australia and New Zealand. Read on to get up to speed on all the news you may have missed this week!


► Season One is just around the corner, with Gamestah’s Royal Rumble kicking things off this Sunday at 10am AEDT! This free-agent event will reward the winning team with a coach for the duration of the GSQ Series; Gamestah‘s four week qualifier event that feeds into the Blizzard ANZ Season One Championship. You can catch all the action live on GamestahTV1.

► Heading to RFLAN in Perth this weekend? Make sure you sign up for the Heroes of the Storm tournament they’re running! And if you can’t make it there, Disconcur and GLPhoenix will be casting the event live on ANZ Heroes TV this Saturday from 11.30pm AEDT.

► In what is quite possibly the best timed in-game event yet, everyone who logs on to Heroes of the Storm this weekend can enjoy an unlocked hero roster, which I am sure everyone who is competing in the above mentioned events will be very appreciative of!

► Blizzard have just released a hotfix patch: Patch notes for January 12.

► Earlier this week, Laharal shared with us his thoughts on the new armour system Blizzard have introduced.

► Blizzard have revealed #HGC Opening Weekend Details for Europe and America. You can read the official post about it here.

► If you’re curious to know what maps you can expect to play during our own HGC Season One Championship, we have published Blizzard ANZ’s map veto list.

► Has the free Hero weekend introduced you to your new favourite character? Check out this week’s sale items in $AUD.

► Finally we leave with you with this First impressions of Zul’jin vid by Kid Kerrigan:

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