BlizzCon Open Thread: What Would You Like To See Announced?

In just over 12 hours time, the BlizzCon Opening Ceremony will get under way and we can expect to hear some exciting announcements about all of our favourite Blizzard franchises, and Heroes of the Storm is no exception. We know for sure that at least four new heroes and two new maps will be revealed, but will there be any other game changing announcements?

It has been argued that Heroes of the Storm has yet to reach its full potential, and so I asked members of the Australian and New Zealand community what they would like to see announced at BlizzCon that they feel would improve the game.

Please feel free to share your own thoughts in the comments below!

What you would like to see announced at BlizzCon tomorrow that you think would improve Heroes of the Storm?

“The release of grandmaster league is a MUST. If they don’t announce release date of that feature this game is doomed.” – DeMiSe000

“Ingame tournaments like in Legacy of the Void would be awesome. If not hopefully a fix to matchmaking/Grandmaster League.” – HappyRage

“I would like to see them implement something like guilds in wow so teams/clans can form and communicate in game a lot easier.” – Grumpshot

“I’d like to see plans for improvements to the ranked system, implementing a more diverse system of ranks, so players can feel like they achieve more when they play. e.g CSGO rank system is great.” – Starving

“Personally, I think that most of the biggest announces from BlizzCon for heroes, need to come in the form of e-sports support. It’s what drives the community hardest. Players being able to aspire and learn from people they admire, creating player ‘brands’ around this is key. That said, if we are talking features, the client needs a global featured spectate widget on the main page, allowing anyone to spectate current highly ranked games going on live. Also, I’d like to see some crowd funded e-sports initiative similar to the DOTA 2 compendium that can be bought from the online store that adds to the overall prize pool of ‘The International’ . If Blizzard can create something like this that encourages more casual players to interact with the competitive scene 2016 is going to be a very exciting time for HotS!” – Amayze

“A Blizzard based mmr ranking system and better mm would be awesome.” – JordyPordy

“I would like to hear that the new Esports division hire, Mr Bornstein is going to push HotS as part of a global eSports boon for Blizzard and that every region will be injected with prize money to support the endeavour.” – Fugs

“My one want for Blizzard to help improve HotS is to make the barrier of entry a bit easier for people. Make a few heroes easier to access by giving players under a certain level (say 1-20) a gold boost. That way newer players can pick up a variety of heroes they like quicker, and hopefully stick with the game a bit longer and further their interests from there.” – Chookz

“Having Blizzard implement a proper ranking system, such as tier rankings, much like Starcraft. I’d also like to see (not that it would help improve HotS) a Starcraft map brought to the game i think that would be very cool. Also just throwing this out there, maybe even a map editor like Warcraft had, I think that would improve the games population, I mean when they released it in Warcraft thousands of people flooded in … I’d love to see an eSports page when you open up heroes that give you details of games won teams competing upcoming events even. I think that would be fantastic.” – Benjy

“What I’d love to see in heroes that can improve the game is a community section in some form. A place that builds or strategies can be discussed. Not just something to post text, an actual section allowing you to put in team builds or talent builds.

The community section can also allow a much easier way of setting up tournaments if for example calendar events can be created like WoW.” – Hooblie

The Opening Ceremony is scheduled to start this Saturday at 6am AEDT and will be free to watch via Twitch.

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  • Besides better match making i would like to see more in game social features. Community clans/pages, moderated chats, coming up region feature /events stuff. etc etc.

    Lots of ingame drafting and toruament tools as wells.

  • billy

    Less machew