BlizzCon 2015: New Heroes, Map, Mode Coming To Heroes of the Storm

The development team at Blizzard have been busy with Heroes of the Storm, and at BlizzCon on the weekend we were treated to the announcement of four new heroes coming to the Nexus, as well the future addition of a new map!

New Heroes


Lord Greymane, leader of the Worgen race from World of Warcraft, will be joining the roster in Heroes of the Storm!

For those unfamiliar, Worgens are the Blizzard take on Werewolves. He is currently listed as a Ranged Assassin, but Greymane’s design captures the look and fantasy of being a shape shifter through his abilities allowing him to change between forms.

In his Human form he is the Ranged Assassin poking enemies from afar, but when it is time for the kill he leaps in and transform into the mighty Worgen for a more in-your-face finisher where he has literally transformed into a Melee Assassin.


Also announced was Lunara, a new Ranged Assassin who takes inspiration from the Dryads of Warcraft 3.

Lunara boasts a tool kit capable of supreme mobility, vision utility and slowing the enemy, all the while chipping away at the enemies’ health through her poisoned attacks.

She will also be the first hero having a on all the time passive +20% movement speed however it does come at the price of an actual mount.


Perhaps the most impressive hero announcement of all was that of Cho’gall, World of Warcraft‘s Twilight’s Hammer Chieftain. Blizzard are determined to push the boundaries of the MOBA genre, and have created a hero that requires not one, but two players to control.

Cho’gall is a two-headed Ogre with each player controlling a head. Cho is classed as a Warrior, and as such has a range of abilities common to a Bruiser. Gall, on the other hand, is the Assassin Mage who uses spells to take down his opponents.

Cho’gall has been gifted to everyone that attended BlizzCon — either physically or via Virtual Ticket — and other players can obtain him by through playing togerther with someone who owns Cho’gall during the in-game event.

For those in the Australian and New Zealand region looking to find someone who has Cho’gall and is willing to share, check out this thread on the Aus/NZ General Discussion forum.


In a later panel, Tracer was confirmed as the first hero from Blizzard‘s new IP, Overwatch, to make her way into the Nexus.

No more details have been released, only that she is on the way.  Currently she is a digital giveaway for pre-ordering the Overwatch Origins Edition or Collectors Edition, but she is not in Heroes of the Storm as of yet.

New Map: Towers of Doom

A new map coming to the Nexus will showcase the struggle between the Raven Lord and the Grave Keeper–two dark forces fighting for control.

The unique feature of this map is the way that players are unable to attack the core directly and relies purely on map objectives to take it down. Altars will periodically rise, which teams will be required to activate in order for the Bell Towers on the map fire at the enemy’s core. The Bell Towers themselves can be also be captured and will change hands many times during the battle. The more towers you have the more damage the Altar activation will do.

It is a different map and it will be interesting to see how it develops.

New Game Mode: The Arena

Arguably the most popular announcement was that of the new Arena game mode.

For those who have played other MOBAs it is very simlar to the ‘All Random All Middle’ style lane games (ARAM). The Arena appears to follow this suit but will involve the familiar objects in a single lane map.

The game is designed to be short bursts of action. No talents will be selected, but characters will still get to choose their Heroics.

The Hero select isn’t completely random: each player will get to choose from three heroes to in the arena. However there is still a chance everyone can pick the same hero, so you can look forward to five Illidans versing five Illidans, as well as other quirky combinations.


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