Blizzard announce exciting new changes


Heroes of the Storm is about to change in a very big way. Blizzard has just revealed what they have been working on for the last year culminating in what they call Heroes of the Storm 2.0 and it’s packed full of surprises. Changes from rewards to hero levels have all been affected and I’m here to help navigate you through some of these changes.

First and foremost the developers have done away with player specific levels for a total Hero level. This means a climaxed total of all of your Hero’s levels to represent in an Overwatch style, depicting a 1-99 level with an added graphic border representing each 100 levels. For example if you have a total combined hero level of 308 it will display the number 8 with the border representing 300. On top of this they have also smoothed out experience curves for each level making it feel like less of a grind when getting to the higher levels. It may be a little confusing to begin with but it certainly clears up clutter while also accurately representing the players prowess and hard work in game.

The developers have also revealed the next hero to enter the Nexus, Cassia the Amazon. Cassia is a Bruiser style Assassin boasting an impressive 65 physical armour when dismounted. She has a charge ability called Fend, a high damage skill shot Lightening Fury, and a Blind in the form of Blinding Light. Her Heroic abilities give you the option of Lightening Ball, a high damage ability that jumps from one enemy to another, and Valkyrie, a Hero displacement ability that is sure to ensure kill potential.

Another change is in the form of in game currency. Previously the only in game currency was gold, accumulated from playing games and completing quests. However they have now added two new in game currencies to go along side the existing gold. The first is Gems, Gems are a replacement for real world currency allowing the player to purchase Gems to exchange for things like Heroes, Skins and Mounts. The second new currency is Shards, Shards are earned from rewards or from receiving duplicate items and are used purely for cosmetic items.

Probably the most exciting change launched with Heroes 2.0 is the introduction of loot crates. Loot crates are either earned through progression or are purchasable with Gems and are bursting with exciting rewards. They come in three variations: common, rare, and epic and contain all new items such as voice lines, sprays, emojis, banners, and some loot crate exclusive skins and skin tints. There’s nothing more satisfying than opening up a loot crate and being rewarded with a legendary item and this is now available in Heroes of the Storm. Unfortunately with this new progression and loot crate change they have moved master skins from hero specific progression and added this to  loot crates, which is a controversial adjustment but adds to the mysticism of the overall loot crate system.

One thing that may have been overlooked by some, is the developer’s game plan for the next couple of months. If you’re like me, you may have noticed that there has been far less communication from the developers around Hero releases and their immediate plans for the game. They have just changed that, revealing exact dates for upcoming releases such as events and new hero releases on the Heroes of the Storm website. This clear and concise communication is a welcome change giving the player base a sense of hype and excitement for the next big thing to be released.

It has never been a more exciting time to be a fan of Heroes of the Storm. From the introduction of loot crates and a new hero to changes to Hero levels and in game currency, it certainly proves that the development team have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring the player base some fresh and renewing experience. To cap this all off Blizzard have also announced that these changes will go live immediately, in the form of a Beta! To download the beta client, simply go to the Blizzard Launcher and change the region to Heroes 2.0 Beta and check out some of these awesome changes for yourself.

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