Best Cho’gall Duo ANZ Tournament Happening Friday, 20 November

EDIT: This event will now be happening on Friday, 27 November at 6.00pm AEDT. More information can be found here.

Morton has thrown together a quick tournament for this Friday, 20 November at 6pm AEDT* to see which players can claim the title of Best Cho’gall Duo in the Australia/New Zealand region.

The tournament will be a double elimination event, with all games being best of one, aside from the finals which will be best of three. The undefeated team will head into the Grand Final with a one game advantage.

The rules of this unique tournament are as follows:

Rules: First duo to complete either of the following wins the game:
-2 Kills on the enemy Cho’Gall
-Destroy the enemies fort
The game will be played on Dragon Shire
You must stay in the middle lane of the map and can not walk past the top and bottom bushes of the middle lane. – Source

There are only 32 spots available for this particular event, so be sure to sign up ASAP. You can do so by visiting the Best Cho’gall Duo ANZ Battlefy page.

Some games will be streamed live on Morton’s Twitch channel, so be sure to give him a follow to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the action.

Watch live video from mortondshort on

* Due to a Battlefy bug, the event page currently says this event is happening on Sunday. We have confirmation from Morton that it is definitely happening this Friday:

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