Author: Vandie

Work all day and game all night is Vandie's motto, you'll find her playing everything and anything if given the time. Currently obsessed with most Blizzard titles and looking to get actively stuck into the wonderful ANZ Heroes community. You can find her sporadically posting on Twitter: @Vandie_

Negative Synergy – Interview

Negative Synergy is a team that has already made a name for itself with its ex-members as well as its current members showcasing quality player talent in the ANZ region. Negative Synergy played as a strong team presenting a huge threat both weeks of the Fall Championship ANZ Qualifiers and were the second team to secure […]

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The Boys are Reborn

Reborn previously called “The Boys”, brought their A-game on week 1 of the Fall Championship ANZ Qualifiers and were the first team to secure their spot to the Finals in Sydney. I caught up with Reborn to ask them a few questions about their qualifiers win, how it felt to play under pressure, what the teams […]

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Why bother being toxic? Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Why Bother Being Toxic?

Games with a competitive mode can bring out the best or the worst in people. Our innate need for domination and validation that we are the best at something can be fulfilled through video games. This leads to tricky scenarios however where many get addicted to the thrill of a win and the only way […]

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Medivh Feature Image

Raven About Medivh

Flying into the Nexus is Medivh, The Last Guardian of Tirisfal. You may recognize Medivh as one of the characters from the recent Warcraft movie that has hit cinemas. Or you may know him from encountering him within Warcraft games. Either way even if you’re new to meet Medivh, you’ll learn that he played an […]

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HotS Champ Splash

Free-to-Play Heroes Event Ending Soon

Cold snap of Winter down in the Southern Hemisphere making going out a chore? Looking for a good excuse to stay indoors? Rug up and play some Heroes of the Storm with your friends instead over the next few days. Blizzard has announced that from June 24 (PDT) up to June 28, every hero will be […]

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The Climb to Grand Master

The new ranked season has only been out for a few days now and already one member of the Australian and New Zealand Community has managed to shoot for the stars and make it to the rank of Grand Master 20. Howard “Nuyomi” Li was kind enough to answer a few questions about this spectacular achievement […]

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Tracer Banner | ANZ Heroes

Tracer: When worlds collide

I’m sure many of our readers have been getting stuck into Blizzard’s latest blockbuster game Overwatch. For those who haven’t however there’s the next best thing – Tracer in the Nexus. It’s a weird concept as Tracer’s home game is a first person shooter (FPS) whereas Heroes of the Storm is a multiplayer online battle […]

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Getting to know Chromie

The latest hero to join the Heroes of the Storm’s line up is Chromie or Chronormu from the Warcraft universe. Although she may look cute, she’s imbued with the power of the Bronze Dragonflight making her a true force to be reckoned with. Chromie takes the role of a burst assassin with one of the […]

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