Author: Onyx

I'm just your typical nerd who plays hots. I also watch anime. I have an unpopular point of view, and I'm one of the few people who say Li-Ming is not OP
Li-Ming and the demand for nerfs | Heroes of the Storm Australia New Zealand

Li-Ming and the Demand for Nerfs

This is largely an opinion piece, do not take this as fact. I would like to encourage discussion about this issue, and any other issues regarding this article, other articles, or anything else going on in the community. -Onyx Nerfing heroes is sometimes required, because those heroes can be completely out of control and the […]

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The Value of Low Impact Heroes

“This is a guest post written by Onyx” The Heroes of the Storm is a game dominated by a stun burst meta. Heroes like E.T.C, Li-Ming, and Xul support that meta, making it less difficult to trap and kill one or more people swiftly. Honestly, not following the standard stun burst team composition can easily […]

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