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Ranked season extended

The first season of the revamped ranked system was scheduled to end next week but due to community feedback Blizzard has decided to push the season out for another 2 weeks going from a 10 week to 3 month season. As a result, we’re going to extend Ranked Season 1 from the week of August […]

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Friday Night Team League

Community Night Team League

With the end of Season 1 for hero league / team league fast approaching we thought it might be a fun idea to plan a team league community night. There is a mount reward for simply placing bronze (the lowest rank) in team league but it can be difficulty to put a team together for […]

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King of the Hill tournament | Heroes of the Storm Australia New Zealand

Introducing the King of the Hill Series

We here at ANZ Heroes are proud to announce that we have teamed up with Blizzard ANZ to bring you an exciting new event called King of the Hill. Teams will have a chance to potentially walk away with hundreds of dollars in prize money… that is if they can keep the crown! In this three […]

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Gul’dan Spotlight + PTR Patch notes Released

If you are following Heroes of the Storm on YouTube, you may have noticed that they have released a new Spotlight video giving us a look at Gul’dan, the Next ranged sustained damage assassin being added to the Heroes roster. Making Gul’dan unique is his ability or should I say inability to regenerate mana naturally and as such […]

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3 ways to fix HOTS

This is an opinion piece sent to us by community member ACTHEMAN. I have to say before I begin with my rant that I love this game. I don’t think anyone but blizzard could pull this team focused brawler and make it work. They have creativity and they sometimes think outside of the box. The biggest complaints […]

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Take a sneak peak at new heroes, skins and mounts in the latest In Development video

Blizzard have released a new in development video for Heroes of the Storm, and while it may look like the next hero joining the fray will be Gul’dan, it appears that the announcement of Auriel from Diablo 3 has sparked a lot of comments and questions from the community. No real information has been released for Auriel aside from […]

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First Birthday Giveaway | Heroes of the Storm Australia New Zealand

Heroes of the Storm First Birthday GIVEAWAY

On June 2, Heroes of the Storm celebrated its first birthday. There are plenty of in-game bonuses happening at the moment, from the 50% bonus experience event, to a celebratory portrait and more. Here at ANZ Heroes, we thought we would add to the celebrations by giving you, our wonderful supporters, a chance to win […]

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ANZHeroes Summer Showdown Sign Ups Close Tonight

EDIT: Sign ups are now closed. Good luck to those participating! Check out the live stream to see who comes out on top on Saturday, 20 February at 11am AEDT. Today is your last chance to sign up for the ANZ Summer Showdown, the team tournament with cash prizes happening this Saturday, 20 FEBRUARY at […]

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Onyx eSports Announce Big Changes

The founder of Onyx eSports, Grumpshot, last week announced his intentions to take the team and organisation to the next level. The team was created last year with the aim of bringing average players together and work to improve as a team. The experiment has so far been very promising, with Grumpshot mentioning that he has been […]

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Cho’gall Spotlight + Heroes Patch Notes November 18, 2015

A new patch hit the Nexus earlier in the week, so to save you from wading through the notes, Disconcur has put together a quick list of the top things to look out for. New Hero – Cho’gall The New Hero Cho’gall is going to cause an upheaval in the scene. All the rules have been […]

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