Author: Cancoz

ANZ Heroes Community Night 22nd April – 6PM AEST

ITS A BLAST FROM THE PAST! We have decided to run another community night for the ANZ region tonight, starting at 6PM AEST. The rules for tonight are simple and it will be Haunted Mines Only!. It is just a regular match, except the map is Haunted Mines!. We may mix up the game mode […]

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Join us for the ARAM Community Night on April 01

The highly successful Community Nights are back again this week to celebrate the new patch, which includes the long-awaited ARAM map ‘Lost Cavern’ … and guess what?! Its April Fools! Theme: ARAM (with optional reverse draft) Don’t know what reverse draft is? You pick your enemy teams’ composition! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP! Everyone is encouraged to participate, regardless […]

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