APL Cancelled Due To Lack Of Sign Ups

The Australasian Player League, a solo sign up league that was scheduled to begin this Friday, has officially been cancelled due to poor sign ups.

In a statement in the Heroes of the Storm Australia & New Zealand Facebook group, event organiser NZedamine had this to say:

Hello Everyone!

NZedamine here! I hope everyone has had a good Christmas and a great start of the year. It is with sadness that I must announce that the APL will not go forward this Friday. Unfortunately, we did not receive enough interest in the league for us to move forward. It is a bit of a bummer, but I still want to figure out future events and casual gaming nights for the community.

I want to thank you all for your interest, and even though the APL is not moving forward, I encourage you to look at other upcoming events in the region. Also check out www.ANZheroes.com for the latest news in the region. Also, there is a Summer Showdown Tournament happening January 30-31, hosted by Disconcur, it will have a cash prize of $250 for the winning team.
Thank you again for your patience and your support, and I hope to see you in the nexus.

It is disappointing to see that our scene did not rally behind this event. However, judging by comments from esteemed members of the community such as Shy, who was a part of the team who represented the Australian and New Zealand region in last year’s Road to BlizzCon qualifiers, many players were not able to get past the disaster that was the first incarnation of the APL:

[…]Also, for the record, the APL when it *first* started was fantastic, you had 50 of the best players coming together and playing games every night on the private ladder / mmr system. That failed due to [Name Redacted] and other players getting upset that the worse players weren’t getting picked during captains mode. He changed the format, f**ked it up, and now all the top players can’t be bothered (myself included) in attempting to try it again. Poor excuse? Perhaps, but that’s the reality of it; we had a good thing, it got destroyed. Now we can’t be bothered again[…] – Source

Hopefully this is the last time we have to report on the cancelling of events. With an announcement about the first round of Regional Championships due to be made any day now, we’re certain that we will see more Australian and New Zealand players participating in grass roots events.

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