APL Announces Overhaul, Requests Community Feedback

The Australasian Player League, which was scheduled to commence on 4 December, has been pushed back until January. In addition to starting in the new year, the first APL season has been cut back from 10 weeks, and will no longer have a strict MMR requirement for players interested in entering.

In a post made in the Heroes of the Storm Australia & New Zealand Facebook group, event organiser, NZedamine, stated that the initial league he launched with did not receive as much interest as he had hoped.

“Originally slated to begin Dec 4th, I have had a few people say that they cannot commit to a 10 week season (and one that spans over the holidays). So, I recognise that it may not be the best situation. This means that we do not have enough players to have a viable league for December.

“So instead of cancelling the season, I would like to postpone it to January, shorten it to only 5 weeks and still have a tournament afterwards. Also, I have dropped the MMR requirement for joining, so this means anyone can join.”

In an additional post on the Au/NZ General Discussion forum, NZedamine confirmed that the season would no longer be running for 10 weeks, but gave a more generalised figure of four to six weeks.

“I want to launch the APL in Mid January and instead of 10 weeks, have it run for 4-6 weeks ending in a tournament.”

The biggest, and most likely most controversial change of all to come with this revised formula is the complete removal of MMR entry requirements. In the previous iteration of the APL, players interested in signing up were required to have achieved HOTS Logs platinum status in either Hero League or Team League, as well as having played at least 200 Hero League matches (This is still an entry requirement in the new format).

“The requirements for entry have been relaxed so that anyone can join (there is no MMR requirement, only games played and that you live in the ANZ region), but from there, I want to get your feedback in what you would like to see. Ideally I want a sizeable group of people, but also want to make sure we don’t devolve into Hero League toxicity.”

The league may still be finalising details on how the final format will work, but it seems clear that their intention to provide entrants with high quality play in a competitive environment is still a priority. We expect that the community will hear more details of NZedamine’s plans for the APL in the near future.

If you would like to provide NZedamine with feedback on the Australasian Player League, you can do so by commenting on the Facebook post or the forum post.

ANZ Heroes have reached out to NZedamine for further comment.