Apex Aim High

Earlier in the month I had an email chat with Arcaner, the team captain for Apex. While the team has only been together for roughly five months, they have quickly shown the ANZ scene that they mean business.

In the interview, Arcaner offers us a great insight into the mindset that drives their team forward, and it is a great read for any player out there interested in finding out what it takes to be a strong contender in the ANZ competitive scene.


Neri: Tell us a little about your team?

Arcaner: Apex is a competitive Australian HotS team that was founded in May. We have been competing since then in Monthly Tournaments; striving to be the best team in the region.

Neri: What times do you generally scrim?

Arcaner: We’re a team that is serious about Heroes esports- we aim to scrim every night and we pay a lot of attention to the Korean scene and parts of Europe and NA where we observe and look to adopt formats of rotations, metas and playstyles.

Neri: Greatest achievement as a team?

Arcaner:  In terms of achievements; we don’t have trophies or titles to boast with – our greatest success has probably been our perseverance.

Neri: What are your goals for 2016?

Arcaner: Goals for 2016? I think first we need to get through 2015. So much can happen to teams in a few months – disbanding, re-rostering or retiring – the main goal for Apex is to be a consistent #1 team in the region. Once that is achieved we want further optimise our play so that we can become comparable to NA/EU teams.

Neri: How many members are from the original roster?

Arcaner: The team’s roster has changed a lot since forming – the only player other than myself to have been in the original roster is Vicarrak.

Neri: How would you like to see the ANZ scene grow?

Arcaner: What we’d like to see with the ANZ scene is a greater number of teams competing for #1. I think of all regions Europe is most optimal – with around 5 teams that can be considered good enough to be the best team in that region. The thing that this region really lacks is individual talent and leaders who have great competitive game sense.

We’d also like to see organisations such as ESL to get involved in a consistent ANZ format of monthlies and playoffs for bigger tournaments. Even if prize pools are minimal – the reward of publicity and professionalism for the scene would be unrivalled.

Neri: What traits do you consider desirable in potential recruits?

Arcaner: For potential recruits the traits we value most are natural talent, mechanics, decision making, game knowledge, respect, dedication, confidence and listening. We’re a team that goes by micromanaging – because of this we are very reluctant to take recruits who are loud, argumentative, disrespectful, egocentric and stubborn.

Neri: Do you have any friendly rivalries?

Arcaner: Apex doesn’t really have a friendly rival. We don’t vs exile5 much and we are focused more on what we’re doing to be concerned with a rival.

A big thank you to Arcaner for taking the time to answer these questions. 


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