ANZHeroes Monthly Open Cup Rules

ANZHeroes Monthly Open Cup Rules

The following list are rules are used in the ANZHeroes Monthly Open Cup. The Monthly Open Cup is a Heroes of the Storm Tournament open to all ANZ or SEA teams to join.

1 – Teams
1.1 – Teams may be made up of players from Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.
1.2 – One member of the team must be designated the team captain.
1.3 – Teams must register between 5 – 7 players.
1.4 – Players are only allowed to play for one team.
1.5 – Team names must not include profanities, be disrespectful or outright rude. You will be contacted and asked to change your name.
1.6 -Your team will be disqualified if you cannot field a team from your registered roster at any point during the tournament.

2- Event Day Management
2.1 – Event starts at 2pm AEDT.
2.2 – Teams can start checking in an hour before the event starts. If they fail to check in they will be removed from the tournament.
2.3- The Event will be administrated out of the ANZHeroes Community Discord server. It is expected that one member of the team (usually the captain) will be available in the discord server for event admins to get a hold.

3 – Game – Picks/Bans/Maps
3.1 – Event is Double Elimination. All rounds will be best of 1 expect for the grand final, which will be best of 3
3.2 – All games must be played on the Sydney / Australian unless both teams agree to play on a different server.
3.3 – Drafting will be done using the ingame client.
3.4 – All drafts are double bans.
3.5– Maps will be chosen according to a round list. Starting team will be randomised.

Winner Bracket Maps
Round 1 Dragon Shire
Round 2 Infernal Shrines
Round 3 Cursed Hollow
Round 4 Braxis Holdout

Losers Bracket Maps
Round 1 Battlefield of Eternity
Round 2 Sky Temple
Round 3 Warhead Junction
Round 4 Tomb of the Spider Queen

Grand Final Maps
Game 1: Chosen by the Winner of the Winners Bracket. Winner also receivces frist pick and ban.
Game 2: Loser of the first game of each round will decide if they pick 1st or choose the map for the 2nd game of the round. The Team which chooses the maps is responsible for creating the drafting link and the game. The same map cannot be played as the first game.
Game 3 If a 3rd game is required, the loser of the 2nd game will decides if they pick their hero 1st or choose the map for the third game. The same map cannot be played from the last 2 matches.

if more rounds are required an updated map list will be provided closer to day.

4 – Heroes
4.1 – Only Heroes who have been available for over a week will be available to be pick/banned.
4.2 – If any Heroes are found to have a game changing bug they will be auto-banned.
4.3 – For bugs discovered during the event, the Hero will be auto-banned from that point on wards.

5 – Matches
5.1 – A game cannot be reset unless both captains agree. A screenshot must be taken and provided to event organiser for historical reference.
5.2 – Pausing may be used for disconnects or lag.
5.2.1 – Captains must communicate Why there has been a pause if requested by the other team.
5.2.2 – When resuming the captain will be required to ask the opposing team if they ready. Followed by a 5-1 countdown.
5.2.3 – Pauses may be no longer than 5 minutes. After 5mins the game will be resumed.
5.2.4 – A team may only pause the game twice per a match. No more, even upon request.
5.3 – The same 5 players must play every game for the Best of 3 unless a player has Disconnected from the game or is having lag issues. You must inform your opponents of the change and reason.
5.4 – Between rounds, teams may swap players in and out from their team list.
5.5 – Captains can report their team’s score.

6 – Spectators/Streaming
6.1 – Only the admins and official casters of the event may spectate games.
6.2 – Players may live stream their own games of them/their team playing if they wish.
6.2.1 – Any live stream of a match must have a minimum 2-minute delay.
6.3 – Teams must ensure that Casters are ready before starting the match (that is being streamed)

7- Behaviour
7.1 – During the event bad mannered/toxic Behaviour against players/teams/admins will not be tolerated. This includes in game chat, general chat and stream chat.
7.1.1 – The event admins will decide if something is toxic or not.
7.1.2 – The Captains of the team will be contacted and asked to explain what has happened.
7.1.3 – While an offence might occur from a player, It is the team which will receive the warning. Each team has a single warning, after that the entire team will be disqualified from the event.
7.1.4 Inappropriate behaviour must be reported to an event organiser, which will then follow up on it.
8 – Reporting Results
8.1 – The winning Captain can report the result on Battlefy brackets. You can use you Replay files to report scores. Otherwise you must inform a tournament admin of your game results.
8.2 – If there is a disagreement with the results please contact an admin to look into it.

The next event is on the 25th of March 2017 – Sign up via the Challonge page here

Ladder Points

The win/lost record of reach team that enter the MOC will be record each month and tallied. The points will belong to the team captain and as long as they continue to play under the same team name the points will accumulate each month. The ladder is a work in process and may undergo some changes.