ANZ Weeky League To Start Next Week

EDIT: The deadline to register for this season has passed. You can see the match ups for this week + the live ladder by clicking here.

After much discussion about it over on the Aus/NZ General Discussion forums, the hotly anticipated ANZ Weeky League is scheduled to start on Sunday, 27 September.

The Weekly League, ran by HappyRage, will involveĀ both a Swiss and Round Robin bracket, with their starting times staggered two weeks apart to allow new teams to join in. Each team will have one week to complete their best of three matches, and results will be recorded on a ladder.

The aim of the ladder is to not only allow teams to compare themselves with each other, but it also opens the way for the best teams to be invited to participate in special tournaments:

The ladder will also be used for invitational tournaments every month or so. Taking the top teams and maybe reserving a slot or two for those teams that are performing well to participate in a tournament if they choose to participate. This solves issues of odd numbers, Bad Matchups and adds incentive for teams to not only to see how high they can climb the ladder but to also be eligible to participate in tournaments. – Source

Happyrage has put in a phenomenal amount of time and effort into this event, complete with an extensive rule set, which he is currently seeking feedback on.

If this is something that your team would be interested in competing in, you can check out the rules and register for the league over on the ANZ Weekly League Battlefy page.