ANZ Weekly League: Week One Replay Pack Now Available

The last matches of Round One have been played and all replays are now in. To download the replay pack, visit (Pack will automatically download once this link is clicked).

Here is the Replays from each game played this week in the ANZ Weekly League Round 1.

Download Link:

Feel free to use for replays for content creation, casting or researching other teams.

If you do cast or use for content creation, Please help promote the League by advertising it during your content. This can be just mentioning it during or in descrptions/title. Also let me know ( what content/casts you do so I can help advertise it as well. –Source

To see the match ups for Round Two and how the ladder currently stands, check out the ANZ Weekly League Battlefy page.

To see the original thread by HappyRage, check out his post on the ANZ Forums.

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