ANZ Weekly League #2 Has Commenced

The deadline to register a team for the second Weekly League has passed and HappyRage has released the matches to be played this week. However, due to some technical issues, there has been a change from the Round Robin format that we originally reported, and the second Weekly League will also be ran in the Swiss format.

Teams that were signed up for the first Weekly League have been automatically added to this one and are now required to play the following matches in addition to their Round Three game.

The Week One bracket is as follows:

WarpDrive Gaming vs. Apex

Cerberus vs. Exile5

Kyanite eSports vs. HotSaus

Ascended Gaming vs. Team Space Sharks

Team Revolution vs. Silicon Sports

As with the first Weekly League, each captain has this week to contact their opponent and organise their best of three games. Team captains are also required to email through their match replays, as well as the drafting link to HappyRage. You can check out a full list of rules over on the Battlefy page.

No word yet on how the ladder for this league will work. We will keep you up to date as news develops.

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