ANZ TeamSpeak Server Admins Crack Down On Toxic Behaviour

The ANZ TeamSpeak 3 server that is used by many players in the region to meet new players and to communicate during games announced late last week that they are cracking down on toxic behaviour.

GoldenForce contacted ANZ Heroes on behalf of the admin team to let us know that at least three people had been banned permanently from the server after they were deemed, “detrimental to the TeamSpeak and ANZ Community; particularly attacking the TS server, their actions have become recurring and no more can be taken.”

While those joining the server have always been expected to adhere to the rules, GoldenForce admitted that the admin team had been lenient in the past. However, recent events have left them with no choice but to tighten the rules and be more vigilant with enforcing them.

“Quite simply, ‘the Teamspeak is open to those who abide by the rules.’ Always has been and always will be. People that break the rules aren’t going to be tolerated any more.”

If you are unsure on what the rules are, we have included them below:

• All users must join the ANZ in-game channel; to do this type “/join ANZ”.
• This Teamspeak 3 Server is for the use of the ANZ community and its affiliates only, if you are not part of the community you will be banned. To be part of the community you must do the following:
1. Join the ANZ in-game channel.
2. Play games with AUS/NZ players.
3. Play on the “Americas” server.
• Zero tolerance towards harassment of any kind, these may be:
» Abusive behaviour towards another (swearing and name calling).
» Abuse of movement powers.
» Leaning or pressuring others to do something they don’t want to.
» Sexist remarks or inflammatory comments towards specific genders.
» Any and all racist comments.
• Toxic users will be flagged with the group “toxic” – limiting all but a few functions on the server. This group is designed towards unruly behaviour that isn’t worthy of a Kicking/Banning from the server. Toxic flagging includes:
» Inappropriate nicknames, Avatars or Descriptions.
» Excessive shit-talking after being told to stop.
»» Users will be given a warning and subsequent warning icon on their ID before losing permissions. Further breaches will enact Toxic Status.

You can find details on how to join the server, as well as other ways to party up with people from the Australian and New Zealand region by checking out this post on where to find ANZ players.

Editor’s note: ANZ Heroes and ANZ TeamSpeak are two separate entities and we are not responsible for these bans, nor can we do anything to change them. If you have any questions or feedback about this decision, please get in touch with the admin team on the server.


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