ANZ Showdown Smashes Expectations

The ANZ Showdown, a competitive team tournament that was organised by community member, Morton, was held over the weekend. Twelve teams from the Australian and New Zealand region signed up to the event, and at one stage over 200 people tuned in to watch it live via Twitch. The event was a fantastic showcase of what the ANZ community is all about, with generous members donating their own money into the prize pool, which blew the original $350 total out to $1,111.11.

Controversially named Is-Is–a new team made up of some familiar faces–took home the top prize of $634.92 when they came back from being behind 0-2 to snatch victory away from HoTs ToTs in what as a nail biter finish to a big day of Heroes of the Storm.

HoTs ToTs performed admirably throughout the tournament; they were not once knocked out of the top bracket and so they enjoyed heading into the Grand Final with a one point advantage. However, Is-Is‘s mix of unique team make up and superior map knowledge was too much for them at the end of the day. They may have finished the day in second place, but they still went home $317.46 richer.

In third place, after losing to Is-Is, who found themselves in the lower bracket after losing to HoTs ToTs in the first semi final, was Exile5. They received the remaining $158.73 for their efforts.

Event organiser, Morton, has written an ANZ Showdown wrap up, which he posted on the Au/NZ General Discussion forum not long after the conclusion of the event, where he praised not only the efforts of the two shoutcasters of the day, Disconcur and Starving, but also took the time to lavish thanks on the kind generosity of those who contributed to the prize pool.

“It really does mean a lot to have people from the community helping out with funding for events like these as it really does give teams motivation to put in the effort to compete against each other, so huge thank you to b0b for donating $700, Fuery for donating $300 and Dirk for donating $111.11 and also multiple skin codes, if you see these guys anywhere, give them a quick thank you because without them, the hype wouldn’t have been anywhere near as big as it was.” – Morton, ANZ Showdown Wrap up

In addition to cash donations which made the prize pool so impressive, viewers who tuned in to watch the event live on the day also had the chance to walk away with skins, hero codes and even a few Golden Tiger mounts, thanks to the generosity of AboutaDirk and Starving. These giveaways really added an air of excitement to chat, and kept everyone entertained during the unavoidable downtime that would happen between matches.

Downtime was something that both participants and viewers mentioned as a detractor of the event when both Morton and Disconcur requested feedback . It has been suggested that a scheduled start time for each round be implemented in future events, which will allow for both teams and casters to have a break in between each match, and, more importantly, will ensure that all matches start on time. This is something that Morton agrees with and has said he will be scheduling rounds in the future.

The casters themselves were also not immune to criticism, and while both Starving and Disconcur have received a lot of praise for their efforts, key prize contributor, B0b, made a very valid statement in regards to bias:

“When it is round 2 of the winners bracket and there are still a lot of teams left to play until the final, it is quite disheartening to see the casters “predicting” who is going to win/be playing in the grand final just because those teams have more known/experienced players in it.” b0b, ANZ Showdown Wrap up

While it is evident that the scene still has a lot of room to grow, it is truly fantastic to see the community rally together to produce a highly entertaining event for everyone involved. We look forward to seeing more great things to come out of the local scene in 2016.

If you missed out on watching the event live, VODs are now available on our YouTube channel.

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