ANZ Royal Rumble 2.0 A Great Success

EDIT: Morton has posted a summary of the event over on the Aus/NZ General Discssion forum.

The ANZ Royal Rumble 2.0 was held on Saturday, 3 October, and it had a fantastic turn out. There were enough solo sign ups to form six ‘pick-up-group’ teams in total, who each participated in the best of one double elimination tournament.

After several highly entertaining matches, the grand final came down to Tiltinos, which consisted of Kva, Denonic, Yablet, Fizix and Ninja; and The Fumble Five, made up by CookieMonsta, Manik, Scrublets, PBandJ and PentaUnleash. In the end, The Fumble Five came out on top, winning the best of three Grand Final 2-0.

The event was a massive success overall, with many of the participants sharing positive feedback with Morton.

Hey Morton, thanks for the tourney, I made the Grand Final as rank 34 and loved every minute of it. Mad props bruz. – Yablet, Tiltinos (source)

In addition to the participants all having a wonderful time, the live stream of the event attracted over 100 viewers at point. In fact, at one stage the ANZ scene was the third most watched Heroes of the Storm stream on Twitch!

This is a testament to the great atmosphere provided by not only the highly energetic antics of hosts, Disconcur and Starving, but also in part due to the entertaining banter taking place in chat at times.


It was fantastic to see the community rally together to participate in an event that serves to help improve the quality of the scene overall by giving newer players access to some of the scenes great players like Kva.

A massive thank you to Morton, Disconcur, Starving and Kruvin for all their effort in making it a great day for all.


A VOD of the event can be found by clicking here.