ANZ Open Qualifier #02 Recap

This is a guest post that has been sent into us by Shihiro.

Let’s begin this recap of the second day ANZ Qualifiers with some stream statistics. We reached a new record of 260 viewers who tuned in to the Grand Final match and we had a concurrent 150 views during the monstrous 9 hour stream. Our big thanks to all those who tuned in!

The second port of call is what can only be described as an ANZ team shuffle! The best example of this is last week, the team ‘Dark Horse’ consisted of ‘Tooka, Kruvin, John, Godzilla & DeMiSe000’. This week, DeMiSe000 & John joined up with tournament veterans and ANZ Blizzcon representatives, Shy & Kva with new supporter Luminum to create Team Override. This new roster made for one highly anticipated team to watch and was set to win day 2.

Day 2 teams pushed themselves harder than anyone could have foreseen which left the casters ‘Skimmy, Starving, HappyRage & Disconcur’ breathless and for people who like to chat, speechless with the desk breaking, nail biting plays and clutch counters.

Full of confidence in themselves and each other, the troll of the day goes to ‘DeMiSe000’ who felt confident enough with the match ending to sit his Abathur on the stairs of the enemy nexus. However, the ‘Robadobah’ wins the overall troll award for the two days (see day 1’s article for the scoop!).

One of the standout matches was Override Vs Kyanite Esports (KE) with the second match being dominated by Override. KE made a strong attempt to come back but couldn’t seal the deal, allowing the overriding team taking the series 2-0. Caster Starving let it be known that for this match, that winter came and double wolves left Arthas looking embarrassed in his frosty house.

The first grudge-match of the day consisted of teams Override and Micro Gods. The third and final match of the preliminary finals took place in the ‘Towers of Doom’, running down to the wire, victory or defeat hinged on the next captured alter for both teams. It looked like ‘Micro Gods’ had ‘Override’ beaten in to submission, until Kva lead his team in what can only be described as the most epic battle in Heroes of the Storm history (check the vods on ANZ_Heroes YouTube channel!).

We all wanted some more of that action, and by the will of the Blizzard gods, we received it! ‘Micro Gods’ fought their way back into the Grand Final to face the team that knocked them out, ‘Override’. Both teams taking a victory each in a best of three (3), leading to the epic re-match wherein ‘Team Micro Gods’ were the proclaimed winners of the day 2 event.

Even though last week held many exciting games and matches; the only power outage was players eliminating other teams out of the competition. Day 2 teams demonstrated their ANZ power house status, showing up to dominate, give the viewer’s something good to watch and most importantly, to win.

Congratulations to the top 4 teams who share in the prize pool of $20,000 dollars!! The following teams are now facing off to represent the ANZ region in the Spring Championship:
Negative Synergy, Micro Gods, Override & Fresh.

Tune in to on the 20th of February at 10am AEDT to watch the ANZ Heroes Summer Showdown!