ANZ Heroes Community Night – 9 April

We have decided to run another community night for the ANZ region tonight, starting at 6PM AEST. This weekend Blizzard are granting bonus exp for everyone who plays Heroes of the Storm, while also throwing open the gates and letting all players access the entire roster of the game for free! That definitely makes for a great concept for a community night.

The rules for tonight are simple and it will be reverse drafting. It is like normal drafting, except the picks you are choosing are for the other team to play. We may mix up the game format for some variety, but reverse drafting is the main theme.

If you are interested please sign up via the Google form here

Don’t forget to jump onto the discord server on the night to sort out your team. You don’t need a mic but it definitely helps!

Please let us know via Twitter or Facebook if you’re streaming the event, as we would love to help promote you

  • Dekay

    how did this go? You should post an after Party events so people that don’t participate can see what they missed out on 🙂

    • I believe it went well! About 20 people showed up, with plenty of new faces joining in on the fun. After-party stuff sounds amazing, I’ll see what I can do 🙂