A Viewer’s Thoughts on the Season One ANZ Open Qualifier #01

This is a guest post that was sent in to us by Shihiro.

Round one for the ANZ Spring Championship Qualifiers was a successful day, full of excitement and endurance! Twenty teams signed up to take the chance to secure their place to take out the top spot.

With storms hitting Australia it was clearly a sign that the event was going to be epic and teams such as Negative Synergy and Kyanite eSports provided exactly that.

With Kael’thas’ and Diablo’s ready our ANZ teams tore in to one another with no mercy. Most of the day teams went two and zero (2-0) knocking each other out with swift determination to prove that their team is the number one team in all of ANZ.

With the trusty presenters at the helm, ‘Disconcur’, ‘HappyRage’ representing the A of the ANZ and for the NZ was Londoner ‘Skimmy’ with his good friend ‘Starving’. They all did an amazing job and were constantly given good feedback via the twitch stream throughout the day. We also would like to give a big thank you to HappyRage for paying for the giveaway items; we really appreciate all you did.

The casters in action.

On the topic of giveaways, they were won in interesting manners, those who have quick copy & paste skills, writing a poem to the casters, rock paper scissors and random draw.  The entertainment was brought to us the viewers all day. Whether it was Starving’s funny reactions to twitch chatter, or the interactions between casters the entertainment was second to none. That is of course, if you exclude the exciting games that we had during the day!

The tournament boiled down to a few teams; the competition stand out performing teams is as follows; Negative Synergy, Dark Horse, Kyanite eSports, Fresh and we’ll give Crazy 8’s a mention too!

Some of the ANZ house hold names were represented in the battle royal! To give a shout out to a few of these names: Ninja, Daspurtz, AgainstTime, DeMiSe000, Tooka, Arcaner and Robadobah.

Robadobah also wins our personal troll of the day award, who tricked what could only be described as sheer disappointment by the casters with his team’s pick of ‘Sonya’ only to play the Diablo! They mentioned Robadobah’s constant ‘respect ban’ against him and his ‘Sonya’ a few times throughout the day; then to finally see his team get Sonya and he not play it. Well played Robadobah, well played.

Speaking of Robadbah his team was Negative Synergy who won the day’s event. The team consisted of Team Manager, Morton, joint captains Ninja and Robadobah and Benjamin94, Daspurtz and Sashin.

The Grand Finale event sadly came down to a forfeit, due to the epic sized storms and a member of Team Fresh succumbed to a power outage and they couldn’t compete.  The ending was pretty much heart breaking, because it appeared the teams were really hitting their stride and feeling more comfortable in the tournament settings. We were seeing high pressure performances, high levels of control with Tassadar and Falstad picks!

While it is great news for Team Negative Synergy, we do hope to see a grudge match to see who would have taken out day one of the tournament!

Tune in to www.twitch.tv/anzheroestv next Sunday 10am AEDT to watch the second round to see who else is one step closer to vying for that trip to Korea!


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