Day: February 9, 2018

WWU: Firestarter

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap-up for Friday 9 February, 2018. This week has seen plenty of people feeling the heat as we march towards the business end of the HGC ANZ Preseason Qualifiers, which has made for quite the interesting wrap-up. We’ve got official rulings, roster changes, poaching scandals, sick giveaways, new heroes and plenty more, so strap in and hold on as we get you up-to-speed!

Here all the spicy news you may have missed this week:

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HGC ANZ Preseason Day 3: Explode

With a lead-in of multiple controversial roster changes, the third day of the HGC ANZ Preseason was definitely one people were keeping their eyes on, and it turned out to be the perfect time to do so, with some amazing drafts and startling late-game comebacks that will be instrumental in determining the final order of teams at the conclusion of Week 4.

With No Tilt now confirmed to be out of the running, the list of teams has come down to 14. Additionally, there were multiple of the mid to low-ranked teams in the standings that didn’t show, and were instantly disqualified from the night’s proceedings: Team Celery, Alternative and Salty Dogz Remastered.

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